Afixit Picture PointA few years ago an obsessive/compulsive Arizona artist was driven nearly mad by a “grouping” of pictures in his home. They were never straight with each other, and even though he’d try to look away, he was constantly re-aligning them. Doors closing, dusting, possibly even the rotation of the earth would cause the pictures to move ever so slightly. He was determined to develop a way to keep those pictures straight, without the use of messy “gums,” or the hassle of measuring, marking, re-measuring, and bolting or nailing them to the wall.

One evening he held a small object in the palm of his hand, and his wife said, “You’ve done it!” The Picture Point was born, and he began making them by hand, putting them on everything that hung on a wall. He showed them to friends and family, and they all said, “I need those!” Patents and trademarks were applied for, and AFIXIT™ was soon set into motion.

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